April Shop Update

Hey guys! I wasn't so sure I'd be able to have an update this month but I got it done!
Here's what we've got for April. 

Lately I've been making a lot of coordinating sets. This month we have opal blue, taupe, vintage peach, vintage rose, soft sage, & soft blush! There is a brushed suri bonnet for each color & that's what I based this month's colors off of. I hope you love these as much as I do!

I'm also really excited about the changes that are happening with the new website! 

Here's what's new:
- Rewards
     This is one of the best improvements the new site offers. You can now earn money off future purchases, and it's super easy! Be sure to create an account to get started. Click the rewards tab at the bottom corner of the screen & click Learn More to see all the ways you can start earning points. 

- Shop on Facebook
     If you're like me you're probably on Facebook a lot - procrastinating instead of editing. I've been there! Now the shop is integrated with Facebook so you can go to the Twine & Lace Facebook page & shop right from there! When you're ready to checkout it'll bring you back here to place your order. Super convenient! 

- Calculated Shipping
     Now you can choose what type of shipping you want at checkout based on when you need your order to arrive. Be sure to check turnaround times for each item in the listing descriptions! If you need your props to arrive quicker, check out the Ready to Ship section. 

- Newsletter
     On the old website, it was hard to see & find the newsletter signup & it required more info from you. The new signup is at the bottom of the screen & all it needs is your email! Newsletter are more reliable than Facebook due to the algorithm changes that we all know have been happening for years. Stay posted on when shop updates & sales happen by signing up. I promise I won't spam your inbox like crazy. ;) 

- Blog
     I think this blog is pretty nifty! Come here to check for announcements on upcoming updates, planned sales, & behind the scenes stuff. I'm not a blogger so bear with me here! 

- It's just prettier!
     I love being able to showcase photos you guys have taken better on the new site. I always love seeing everyone's work! Feel free to share them anytime!

There are more changes coming soon & probably some things I don't know about yet that are pretty cool! Shoot me an email at twineandlaceshop@gmail.com if y'all have any questions or suggestions about anything or future products!

Lauren <3

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